Speech Delays & Disorders


Difficulty saying age appropriate sounds based on normal speech development patterns
Example: a child says “wion” instead of “lion”



Errors that affect a group of sounds that compromise a child’s speech and language system
Example: a child consistently drops the last sound in all of their words

Language Delays and Disorders

Expressive Delays

Difficulties conveying a message. Potential areas of difficulty include incorrect use of plurals, gender pronouns, verb tenses and conjunctions


Receptive Delays

Difficulties comprehending what is said
Example: following multi-step instructions or understanding stories


Auditory Processing Disorders

Difficulty making sense of information that the child hears.

Motor Speech Disorders

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Trouble saying sounds, or combining sounds, syllables and words.

Inconsistent error patterns

Example:“ball” may become “ba,” “uh,” “bap,” etc.



Unintelligible or imprecise speech related to muscle weakness. These children may exhibit slurred speech, difficulty controlling volume, rate of speech, intonation and resonance.

Reading Deficits

Pre-literacy Skills

The child may have language skills below his or her peers or an inability to recognize written words (e.g., their own name) or problems re-telling a familiar story.

Phonological Awareness

Difficulty understanding sound structure (e.g., challenges sounding out new words, separating words into syllables, separating syllables into individual sounds or understanding rhymes.

Fluency Disorders

The production of dysfluencies during speech production including repetitions (sound, word, or phrase), prolongations, blocks, interjections, and revisions.

Sound repetition: b-b-b-b-baby,

Prolongation: ssssssssweet,

Block: silent fixation or inability to initiate sound

Interjection: I um, was, um, uh, um, going to, uh, school, revision: I was-I am going


The breakdowns in clarity that accompany a perceived rapid and/or irregular speech rate are often characterized by deletion and/or collapsing of syllables and/or omission of word endings.

Collapsing of syllables: I wanwatevision

Omission of word endings: Turn the televisoff

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