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Our Mission

We promise to assist our clients with their physical and cognitive needs by providing exceptional individualized services to increase their ability to interact with and enjoy the people and world around them.​


Therapy Builders respects the unique needs of each client and appreciates how personal abilities and challenges may change from one environment to another. From the ability to connect with others to navigating and manipulating items, each skill will be treated as paramount to the success and well-being of the individual client.

Our Story

Our founder, Trace Jahner his a highly skilled and passionate speech therapist with years of experience working with children of different ages. Together with his wife, Carly, they have committed their time to provide therapy services to members across the valley. 

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Affirming in Neurodiversity and Gestalt Language Processing.

Therapy Builders is striving to adopt neurodiverse practices that support:

  • working with the holistic interests of the client

  • intrinsic motivators

  • relationship building, including rapport and trust

What to Expect With Us

Onboarding Process

To ensure a seamless and efficient start for services, we will begin with a phone or email consultation regarding location for services and any specific concerns or goals you may have for therapy. Initial paperwork will also be sent out to be completed that helps us gather important details about your child's medical history, previous therapy experiences, and any relevant background information. Through these essential onboarding steps, we aim to establish a solid foundation for your child's therapy experience. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition along the way.

Evaluation Assessment 
In most cases, an evaluation will be conducted to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your child in the areas of communication, gross-motor or fine-motor skills.  Baseline data will be used to create SMART goals and will also drive treatment approaches. All evaluations are conducted by an Arizona state licensed therapist, with national certification from his or her respected association. 


Treatment and Home Program
Treatment will target skills identified as areas of need through evaluation. Goals will be written to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timed. Parents/Guardians will receive regular communication from the therapist regarding the progress of their child.  Therapists will also assist parents/guardians with the implementation of a Home Program. The Home Program empowers parents/guardians to support their child with his or her goals in the home and community. 


Progress Monitoring
Therapists are encouraged to communicate with parents/guardians after each session whenever possible regarding treatment and the Home Program. Formal progress reports, called Quarterly Therapy Progress Reports, are available at request that documents specific progress towards goals. 


Continuity of Services
With your authorization, we will communicate and collaborate with all of the professionals and agencies that provide services or supports for the benefit of your child. 


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